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                                WHAT’S ON!


       *items available to Pre-Order By Friday 8 pm

      Scroll down for GF/Vegan Menu

     *DONUTs! $4.50-$5.75

     contain flour, dairy

     Lavender, Heavenly Chocolate, Raspberry,

      Classic Vanilla, Cinnamon Sugar, Dulce Leche,

     Bullseyes, Viet Coffee, Apple Fritters, Surprises!



   contain flour, dairy

            Sunrise Breakfast Box $25        

(includes  sticky bun, cinnamon bun, queen aman, stoke toast, cookie)

     Cinnamon Buns $5.50

     Sticky Pecan Buns $5.95
          Queen Aman $4.95

          (the best pastry you've never had!)

        Stoke Toast $5.95

           (French Toast meets Almond Croissant)

                              Breakfast Empanadas $5.50

                                   (Egg, Leek, Cheese, Secret Spices)

          Raspberry Moon Pop-Tarts  $5.95

       *Bear Claws $5.95

            (Puff Pastry w/Almond Cream, Chocolate)

            *Vegan Palmiers Lavender/EarlGrey $3.75


Assorted Dark/Milk with Amazing Flavours $9.75


 COOKIES & BARs $2.95-$3.85

*Classic Chocolate Chip,

       Shortbread, *Ginger Chews! 

Oatie McOat Face Trail Blazer, Sugar Cookies

  Other kinds... come and see!



Luscious Pear and Vanilla Bean


Apple Fritters! GF/DF $5.75

  Donuts V $5.75

 *Caramelized Onion Tart V $4.50

 *Earl Grey/lavender Palmiers V $3.75

(crunchy, caramelized pastry, not too sweet)

Dbl Chocolate Spice Girl GF/V $4.20

Cardamom Anzac GF/Vegan $4.20

         *Artisan Chocolate Bars, GF & Vegan $9.75

plus other surprises, come and visit!

    Gift Cards Available instore Paper or Online E-card

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